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A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function.  Most teeth can be filled with a composite (tooth-colored) resin.


Crowns are constructed of porcelain, precious metal, or porcelain pressed to metal. They are used to restore cracked, damaged, or discolored teeth. Crowns can be customized to look exactly like your other teeth. Sometimes referred to as caps, crowns have the ability to perfectly restore the appearance of your teeth. In order to achieve these results either on one tooth or many, the crowns are placed using the existing tooth as the supporting structure.


Any missing teeth can make your smile seem darker and different. In addition, if a missing tooth is left untreated, the surrounding teeth can shift. This can unfortunately cause new spaces to open up and cause more problems. Porcelain bridges are used to correct the gaps from missing teeth. To meet your individual needs, a custom tooth or teeth will be designed for the missing space and will be positioned permanently along with crowns over the surrounding teeth for support. The goal of a bridge is to not only improve the appearance of a missing tooth or teeth, but also to improve the functionality of the affected area.